"The best little Fly Shop on the Blackfoot River"

The River

The Blackfoot River starts its trek to the Pacific Ocean in the Bob Marshall Wilderness and Scapegoat Wilderness areas. From its source near the Continental Divide to its confluence with the Clark Fork River at Bonner, Montana the Blackfoot River remains wild and un-dammed for it’s entire 132 miles, with the recent removal of the 100+ year old Milltown Dam in 2008.

The Blackfoot River running through the Valley, and under a rainbow.
Fall Fog rolling into the Valley


The Blackfoot has beautiful scenery, and classic characteristics; it runs through rolling foothills, deep canyons, old growth timber and grazing meadows. The Blackfoot River has many public FAS [Fishing Access Sites] throughout it’s length.  These sites provide easy access for wade and float fishing; and some even have some campsites.

Blackfoot-Angler-Blackfoot-River-east-of-Lincoln Blackfoot-Angler-Scotty-Brown-Bridge-Fishing-Access
Upper Blackfoot east of Lincoln
Scotty Brown Bridge FAS
River Junction FAS Canyon
Blackfoot-Angler-Blackfoot-River-Box-Canyon-1 Blackfoot-Angler-Blackfoot-River-Russell-Gates
Entering the Box Canyon
Russell Gates / County Line FAS
Blackfoot-Angler-Blackfoot-River-Box-Canyon-2 Blackfoot-Angler-Blackfoot-River-Flat-Hay-Fields
Box Canyon of the Blackfoot

The flat hay fields


Many fishing opportunities are available to beginner and expert fisherman: from slow deep pools to fast riffles, from boulder strewn pocket water to long slick glides.



And the fish, all wild and native to its waters, including the rainbow, cutthroat, brown and bull, are plentiful. It is truly a beautiful experience. These pictures are a testament to that.

Westslope Cutthroat Trout
Westslope Cutthroat Trout
Classic Blackfoot Rainbow
Big Brown’s Lake Rainbow Trout
Classic Brown Trout