"The best little Fly Shop on the Blackfoot River"

Gift Items

Every angling store should sell gifts the angler can purchase for that "other person" who stayed home, or at work, or school while they went fishing. These make great "Thank You" or "I'm Sorry" gifts! Don't forget birthdays, anniversaries and holidays too!


We specialize in Made in Montana Gifts. Gift items made in the glorious state of Montana are sold here. And many of them from Ovando itself.

Greeting cards:

Otis & Friends: Otis, our Basset Hound, and his other 4 legged friends have their own greeting card business from right here in Ovando, Montana. With cute quotes and cuter photos of Otis, Winston and their horse and cat friends, these charming cards have become very popular.



Behind the Window Pane cards show photos of the surrounding Blackfoot Valley from inside. They come with old west quotes from old west celebrities.



Chutneys and BBQ Sauce: These seasonal favorites go out the door faster than they arrive. Made here in Ovando, the Huckleberry Hound chutney, Crazy Cat Cranberry chutney and the Basset Burpin’ BBQ sauces are tasty additions to any meat and cheese and are made of all natural ingredients.

Basset Burpin'
BBQ Sauce
Scardey Cat
Cranberry Chutney
Blackfoot-Angler-Huckleberry-Hound-Chutney   Blackfoot-Angler-Pearch-Chutney
Hound Chutney


Kathy’s Blackfoot River Truffles, “Chocolate Runs Through It”. These become a limited supply during the summer. With 12 different fillings from espresso to huckleberry, each are made of natural ingredients and are hand double dipped in Belgium milk or dark chocolate and have become a Blackfoot Valley favorite.




Many other gifts: We change out with new products every year but those gifts that we try to keep on hand due to their popularity are: Beautiful rustic duck decoys by Lakeside Decoys of Helena, Montana, harmonic wind chimes by Winds of Montana in Billings, Swanwoods Bowls from Ovando, and Blackfeet Indian natural grass lotions, salves, lip balm and soaps by Real People Herbals in East Glacier, Montana.